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Welcome to the Henry County Leathernecks

 Detachment - 1339 

  P.O. Box 485 McDonough, Georgia 30253

 Phone: 678-961-8663

Eagle Scout Court of Honor

Troup #61

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Court of Honor was held at

 Heritage Park Museum

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 I received a phone call from Russ Vermillion in regards to a Facebook posting by Lacey Oakes-Fuller, daughter of Tom Oakes. The following is what was posted "He is in ICU at Emory. His ammonia levels are 3 times the normal level due to late stage liver cancer. This has caused delirium. They are doing everything they can for him right now. Our family appreciates all the calls, texts and prayers. Please keep the prayers coming. We know there is power in them and we want them to continue flooding the kingdom for dad. I will update as we know more. We love you all.
Please keep Tom and his family in your prayers!
Feb 25,2015 Tom is being moved to a room as of this date. He has made a

massive recovery, he is alert and talking, things looking better. Harry


Please pray for

Tom Oaks - In Hospital

Date today posted 

**1/24/2015   1901 hrs / Moving to room as of Jan 25, 2015 5pm


Family Member Loss Information - Jan 9, 2015

Click Here for Family Members In Memory

Subject: S/E Conference
To: Harry McCann <harmacsr@gmail.com>
 Southeastern Conference Information

  Just a reminder about the S/E conference in Fla. in Feb.  First the ad for the Det. must be summited

 Via E-Mail to:  wcona@tampabay.rr.com no later than Feb. 7, 2015. as well as mailing the check for the ad..  NOTE: the ad must be E-Mailed not mailed by USPS..  Also  those planning on attending the conference MUST get their checks "$10.00" per person to me so I can get them in the mail "postmarked" by the 27th of February..  there is still a little time BUT time is getting close, so if you would please forward this to the det. just as a reminder.  Also those who want to attend the Banquet the tickets are $45.00 per person, choice of Chicken Or Beef. also I need those request in so I can send the list in, Postmarked by the 27th as well

 Click here for more information

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Meeting Times

We meet the 3rd Monday of each month.
Social Hour - 1830
Meeting - 1900
 Next staff meeting - Feb 2, 2015
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Meeting Place 
88 Keys Ferry Street
McDonough, GA 30253
Same Building as McDonough Fire Dept.
McDonough, Georgia 30253
Phone: 678-961-8663
Next Regular Meeting - Feb 16th 2015
18:00 hours 

Video displaying duties toGod &County

God bless all who fight for their Countries Freedom

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Please click  below for Calendar - 2015




Mark Albright and Boy Scout

Troop 65 have done it again.

Thank you for your support of

Toys for Tots

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2014 Boy Scout Troop 65

Finished their 4th year

donating toys. God Bless

Troop 65 and Mark Albright. 


Toys for Tots Drive  - December 13th 2014


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Toys for Tots

 December 13th 2014



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Toys for Tots - Locust Grove Dec 2014 

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Toys for Tots - Thanks Mark Albright - Great !

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Toys for Tots - Locust Grove Dec 2014 

Detachment -Awards Dinner - P.J.'s
July 18th 2014


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What is a Marine?
The Title
It cannot be inherited
Nor can it ever be purchased
You and no one alive
 can buy it for any price.
It is impossible to rent
and it cannot be lent.
You alone and our own
have earned it with
your sweat, blood and lives.
You own it forever.
The Title
"United States Marine"

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